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tv   ABC World News  ABC  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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cruz, but cruz using trump's own words against him. so, who's the real conservative? this, as hillary and bernie square off in a new debate. night strike, deadly tornadoes hitting while people slept. families forced to scramble for their lives. our reporter in the middle of the disaster zone. murder in paradise. the young woman on a tropical getaway. heading out to do yoga and never coming back. tonight, new clues and a person of interest. off the track. the nascar superstar, known for his temper, now taking it to the stands. tangling with a fan. so, who's in trouble tonight? good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. we begin tonight with the extraordinary close to a terrible ordeal for americans held prisoner in iran. it ended here on this tarmac in switzerland, that plane carrying three of them to freedom. and here the moment one of the
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prisoners, a washington post bureau chief finally arrived. their families and friends anxious to see the faces they have not seen for a long while, some for years. but even as they celebrate, one american who disappeared in iran tonight. jonathan karl with new details with the secret negotiations that led to this result. >> reporter: tonight, that first image of freed "washington post" reporter jason rezaian greeted in geneva by a state department official who helped negotiated his release. also on that flight out off iran, amir hekmati, the former marine held for more than four years in the notorious evin prison. his sister and brother in law were all smiles on their way to meet him in germany. and pastor saeed abedini, who's been separated from his wife for years. >> i've been a single mom for three and a half years, and the kids reuniting with him will be a precious moment. >> reporter: at the white house
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prisoners' long overdue release. >> tonight we're united in welcoming them home. >> reporter: the washington post's tehran bureau chief was jailed in july of 2014, just six weeks after discussing life in iran on anthony bourdain's "parts unknown." >> i love it and i hate it, you know, but it's home -- it's become home. >> reporter: his mother and wife, now reunited with him, made this tearful plea during his imprisonment. >> he's been in prison for the last year. he and his wife, who is also a to -- she's not able to speak to the press. >> reporter: his extended family tonight is in germany. the dramatic day is culmination of 14 months of negotiations. mostly in switzerland. u.s. firms calling the discussions very intense and
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knew how it would end up. the u.s. agreement to pay iran $1.7 billion in order to settle a more than 30-year-old debt. not included in the deal was robert leif yibson. >> even as we rejoice in the safe returns of others we will never forget about bob. >> they're now at the u.s. military base in landstuhl, germany, where they're getting much-needed medical attention. tom. >> jonathan karl live for us from the white house. jon, thank you. as those americans are out of iran, word tonight that three others are missing in iraq the state department says three american contractors not military were last seen south of baghdad two days ago, the case is being treated as a possible kidnapping. back here now to race to the white house, the battle lines hardening tonight. the language getting nasty as well. donald trump calling ted cruz just that. saying no one even likes him. the friendly glow missing from
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as the candidates in the democratic race. >> reporter: tonight, all that feuding on the campaign trail comes to a head in south carolina. >> thank you. >> reporter: for hxillary clinton whose popularity run deeps. but the democratic socialist from vermont played to a tougher crowd audible gasps when bernie sanders' 30-minute speech seemed to go too long. this morning on "this week" the heated war of words hotter than ever. clinton railing against sanders on gun control. >> he flip-flopped last night saying he would sign on to a bill. >> reporter: sanders firing back. >> it disappoints me that the clinton camp is kind of sounding like republicans. >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: across the aisle, former friends donald trump and ted cruz now in a nasty rivalry. >> he's nasty guy. nobody likes him.
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standing by those controversial new york city values remarks and digging into the vault with this shot at his billionaire rival. >> i'm very pro-choice. and again, it may be a little bit of a new york background because there's some different attitude and different parts of the country. >> reporter: cruz's supporters sporting their candidate. >> excuse me, didn't report his bank loans, say whatever you want, he didn't report bank loans, that's okay. >> reporter: but trump not backing down. >> you're saying he's a hypocrite. >> he's a total hip cite. >> reporter: the iowa caucuses just two weeks away, both the clinton and the sanders' campaign bracing for each side not to hold back tonight. everything is on the line out there. >> cecilia thank you. the extreme weather tonight, tornadoes in florida killing two people. overnight, severe storms moved into central florida, those twisters hitting in the dark of
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this morning, not much left of this home near sarasota, take a look at that. 90,000 homes starting the day without power. this car not going anywhere any time soon. phillip mena is in the disaster zone. >> reporter: tonight, gulf coast communities reeling after a rash of tornadoes. this is all that's left of this mobile home ripped from its concrete foundation and strewn across the road. 3:45 a.m., the ef-2 tornado touching down in the town of duette. a couple in that home, steven and kate wilson lost their lives. their son and four grandchildren injured but managed to climb to safety. when neighbors heard of the tornado alert they tried but couldn't reach the wilsons. >> devastation. woke up this morning and lost a family friend and neighbor. when my neighbor told me steve
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he's gone but he will never be forgotten, let me tell you. >> reporter: today, friends are picking up the pieces. about 25 miles away, another twister in sarasota county. the second floor of this $1.8 million property collapsing under the force of more than 130-mile-per hour winds. >> baywinds, we have reports of two people trapped upstairs in a home. >> reporter: rescuers reaching that family stranded inside. now safe, suffering only minor injuries. these tornadoes the latest in a string of recent twisters striking florida in the dead of night. tom, the home owner was up here on the second floor trying to escape when the tornado collapsed the house on her. firefighters had to lift the wreckage to pull her to safety. but tom, tonight, she's out of the hospital with only minor injuries. >> amazing she survived. all right, phillip, thank you. tonight the weather threat is centered around the great lakes with up to 2 feet of snow.
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on the highways and indra petersons is here. >> some flurries around new york city right now, even through d.c. the system is really cracking up right now. buffalo, already half a foot of snow. watertown 2 feet locally. the morning temperatures, dangerous cold, arctic air. look at minneapolis, 32 below. singles digits out towards the east coast. not just the snow, it's the dangerous cold. >> back-to-back tough weeks for the midwest. let's turn now to that water crisis out of flint, michigan, residents including small children, possibly drinking contaminated water for more than a year. those residents gathered all weekend long looking for answers. the trouble is, the more they look the angrier they. >> reporter: tonight, angry residents demanding answers during a town hall in flint, michigan.
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lend his support. >> people of flint have been betrayed. >> reporter: filmmaker and flint native michael moore even calling for the arrest of the governor. >> he committed a crime, he knew what was he was doing. >> reporter: over the weekend president obama declaring a state of emergency over the contaminated water. the state now under investigation after it changed its public water source exposing its 100,000 residents to toxic levels of lead. families forced now to drink and cook with bottled water being trucked in daily. but they're still bathing in that water. >> it's hard to make sure everybody's been bathed properly, because we're really not supposed to use this water. >> reporter: water researchers point to this memo from the epa to city water officials back in june. showing officials knew that testing showed "high lead results" but didn't publicly admit it for another three months. >> it's a manmade tragedy that was completely preventable. >> reporter: professor marc edwards says for about
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made the water safe. instead, he claims they manipulated data and testing methods to make it look safe. local doctors are working to screen and help those children affected. the governor maintaining that he took action as soon as he knew about the elevated lead levels. tom. >> eva, thank you. next to the murder of a american tourist in the central american country of belize. anne swaney. the man police are now questioning. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, k9s searching the area in belize where an american tourist was found dead friday. as police try to figure out who killed 39-year-old journalist anne swaney, and why. >> chicago has lost an amazing person. >> reporter: the executive web
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chicago, wls, was on a return trip to this retreat. police say on thursday, she volunteered to stay behind from a group horseback riding trip. instead, practicing yoga alone at this waterfront deck. by the time the group returned hours later, they say, she was gone. >> we did a quick search and she wasn't around, and we notified the police. >> reporter: police searched for hours. finally finding her body the next day in this river. >> there were bruises around her neck and on either side of head there was lacerations. >> reporter: investigators are questioning a guatemalan fisherman who was in the area at the time and interviewing staff where swaney was staying. also tonight, looking into whether the killer took swaney's cell phone. her family saying it was missing from the scene. a possible clue -- friends mourning tonight in chicago -- hope could lead to the killer. marci gonzalez -- abnews, new york.
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word that an american missionary is among the dead in that attack on a hotel in west africa. michael james reddinger ran a orphanage. on friday, he happened to stop at the hotel coffee shop and was there when the terrorists attacked. he leaves behind four children, including two he had adopted there. an al qaeda group has claimed responsibility for the attack that killed at least 28 people. in hawaii, no sign of the 12 marines and their helicopter missing after what may have been a mid-air collision. they're working out of a massive command center on the oahu beach. waves are complicating the search and stretch out the debris field. the marine corps has identified the missing. some unsportsmanlike behavior from a nascar superstar tonight. tony stewart caught on camera, barrelling into the stands, taking on a fan who's heckling
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suit. tonight, he's not the one under investigation. mary bruce explains. >> reporter: it's the kind of drama racing fans expect to see on the track. nascar superstar tony stewart storming into the stands. >> i don't like you and i never have. >> reporter: caught on tape in a heated clash with a heckler. the three-time sprint cup champion is notoriously hot-heat hot-headed. he was placed on probation for slamming into a competitor in this post-race skirmish in 2014. >> one of the requiz it is skills to be a public figure is to have thick skin. >> reporter: this latest outburst comes as tony stewart faces a wrongful death lawsuit. >> i know in my heart that it
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>> reporter: stewart has yet to comment on this new incident. but the fan involved an off-duty law enforcement official is being investigated by his department to see if he acted improperly. mary bruce, washington. still ahead tonight -- imagine calling 911 during a frantic emergency and hearing this. what one dispatcher is accused of doing. later in the thick of it. we'll track you to the front lines of a life-saving rescue involving a baby. that story coming up. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms
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the dispatcher actually ordered pizza. what should you do when your urgent call isn't being answered. here's abc's aditi roy. >> let me have one slice of cheese pizza. >> okay. >> let me have a lunch special. >> reporter: tonight, a broward county 911 dispatcher taking heat for calling a pizzeria while on the clock. while she's ordering lunch for the office. >> doctor couldn't hold him up, he dropped to the floor. >> reporter: an emergency at this optometry office. multiple employees try calling 911 dispatch center after a patient faints, but no one answers. >> first they called, from their office, no answer. then i call from my cell phone, again, no answer. everyone around calls, and nobody picked up from the other end. >> reporter: the dispatcher, still on her eight-minute call, putting in her long order. >> everything on those. all the fixings. >> reporter: five and a half minutes in, she's asking for final orders from her coworkers. >> no one else? okay, can you hold on for me one sec, please? i'm so sorry. >> reporter: and seven minutes
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poppy's? i'm so sorry, i'm so busy. >> that's okay. >> reporter: the sheriff's department telling abc news the dispatcher violated policy and was disciplined. experts say don't let the phone keep ringing. call the nearest police station. you can also try texting. >> thank you for being patient with me. >> no problem. >> reporter: so those urgent calls don't get overlooked. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. we thank you aditi for that story. when we come back -- under investigation. 36 of the psychiatrist' patients are dead, the feds raided his office. so, what are the authorities accusing him of? and later, oscar outage, why one actress is suggesting a boycott. our index up next. what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older,
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as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. back now with our index starting tonight with a georgia psychiatrist facing serious charges. the doctor arrested, his office raided.
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running an illegal pill mill, overprescribing the drugs resulting in the death of 36 of his patients. his attorney calls the charges false and is vowing to fight there. to fresno, california, now, firefighters arriving just in time to save people trapped in an apartment fire. here's what one firefighter saw. >> come on out! give me the baby. >> one firefighter's helmet capturing those intense moments in the intense smoke. everyone got out okay. now to the oscar buzz, a bit of backlash the hint of a diversity. actress jada pinkett smith firing off a post on facebook and twitter, should people of color refrain from participating all together?
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soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. finally tonight, a little football fan getting the last laugh. he loves the seattle seahawks but in south carolina, where he lives, that hasn't gone over too well with panthers fans, he said he even gets bullies when the seahawks got wind of this, they swooped in for the rescue. >> reporter: big dream coming true for one little boy who refused to back down. >> what do you want the score to be? >> 1,000-0. >> reporter: a die-hard seattle
5:27 pm
his team. this third generation seahawks fans lives in panther territory. charleston, south carolina. when he started wearing his new seahawks hat to school every day, he got bullied. >> they were saying the same thing, like, boo seahawks. that made me feel kind of sad. >> reporter: to show he's not alone, his mom went to facebook asking sea hawk fans to like her post saying, every day when he comes home he tells me how many kids have booed him. after just one day -- >> guess how many likes you got on facebook. >> reporter: 200,000 likes and counting. from bobby wagner. >> we got your back. >> to coach pete carroll sending seahawks gears and tickets to today's game if charlotte against the panthers.
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little boy, the day was a win. gloria rivera, abc news, washington. >> i would not mess with him now. "good morning america" first thing in the morning and david muir right back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. good without one of its most popular restaurants. we'll take you to strawberry point. and american prisoners held in iran for more than a year are finally on their way back home to the untied states. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 5:30. of course, we'll open with the extreme cold -- as this morning was the worst
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is in with the first alert forecast... arctic air is firmly in place across the midwest for tonight and tomorrow. tonight will be the coldest night of the season so far with temperatures falling into the -10s across the area. wind chills will once again be between -20 and -40 degrees. these types of conditions can cause frostbite to exposed skin in as little as 15 minutes. after spending 24 hours below zero, we look to climb back into positive temperatures for monday afternoon. however, our highs will stay in the single digits. for the rest of the week, we will undergo a warming trend back into the 20s. we are also watching a fairly weak clipper system for tuesday night that could bring some light snow accumulation s by wednesday morning. tonight: clear and cold low: -15--9 winds: nw 10-15 alo: -15 dbq: -12 iow: -10tomorrow: sunny, still cold high: 2-8 winds: nw 10-15 alo: 2 dbq: 3 iow: 7 back to you. a major fire overnight in strawberry point left major damage to one of the
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fire crews were called out to the back home


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